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A New Smile? Dental Treatment abroad with Savings up to 70% in Stettin

Dentist abroad?
Are you having problems with your teeth, and living in a country where the dental prices are making it very difficult to get the dental care you need? That’s where we can help you.

We connect you with one of the best english speaking dentist abroad in Stettin/ Poland, we have been working with since 2014.

We make it easy and arrange consultation and book accommodation and free transfer service between the airport and hotel.

Dental Travel Service gives you all treatment options in one place.

We have seen it all before, so if you are embarrassed about showing us your teeth, don’t be. Arriving at the clinic with a few broken teeth left, and ending up with a beautiful smile is what we do every week. Our goal is to give you a long lasting and aesthetically perfect result within your budget.

We don’t waste your time.
We always reply quickly to calls and emails. Also the dental staff are very good at getting the job done within the time frame available.

You can have porcelain crowns, dental bridges and veneer from 3-6 working days, and dental implants from 2-3 visits over 3 months or more.

Read below how your first visit can be organized at your dentist abroad.

A Step By Step guide to Dental Treatment abroad

Step 1
Fill out the contact form and if possible attach close-up photographs and/or X-ray image and/or treatment plan from your local dentist.
After our initial talk about what dental treatment you are interested in, and after receiving the necessary information, we can send you our proposal of the recommended treatment plan. Then you can see how much you can save compared to your local clinic.
Then we are ready to discuss with you, your expectations, the available treatment plans, their advantages and limitations, as well as answer all your questions about dental treatment in Poland.
Please note that our clinic might have to make alterations to this treatment plan after the initial consultation!

Step 2
When you have made a decision to come for dental treatment in Poland, we book your consultation at the clinic. You then book your flight to the international airport in Berlin Germany, or the local airport Goleniow outside Szczecin.

Step 3
We book your free transfers from the airport to your hotel here in the center of Szczecin Poland. You will receive an email with all information about airport transfer, hotel and clinic appointments.

Step 4
We will pick you up from your hotel before the first visit, where you are given an updated dental treatment plan with prices. Together we will find the best solution that fits both your expectations and budget.
During your stay we will assist with all aspects of your dental holiday. Our dentists will give you explicit instructions after each appointment and our staff will be available to answer your questions.

Step 5
After final treatment you return to the airport with your free airport transfer.

After visit support:
We will always be available to answer any dental questions you may have. For further information on the guarantees we provide, including free treatment of complications, please visit the guarantee page.


stettin poland. dentist abroad. dental crowns and cheap dental implants

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