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Dental Travel Service Privacy Policy


We respect and protect the privacy and security of users of our Website (the “User/s”, “you”).

This privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) covers the data provided to us via our website at (the “Website”). Here we describe what data we collect, for what purpose and how they are used. This Privacy Policy also contains information about data security and rights the Users have with respect to the access and control over the information provided to us.

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy the term “data processing” includes not only (I) the use of cookies on a computer of the User, and (II) the collection and processing of data for statistical purposes, but also (III) other operations on the information and data, including without limitation obtaining, recording, holding, development, alteration, disclosure and erasure in connection with the provision of the Service.

The primary purpose of the data processing is to enable constant improvement of the Website and the Services so that the Users can indulge in them in the easiest and most effective way.


1. Data Controller

1.1 DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE trading under company name TANDRABATTEN is incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Poland, based in Bezrzecze, tax identification (NIP) number 8513065888 (“TANDRABATTEN”, or “we”), is the data controller with respect to the User’s personal data; we carry out the processing of your personal data in accordance with the provisions of the acts on the protection of personal data, and other such relevant laws and regulations as generally applicable in the territory of Poland (the “Applicable Law”).

1.2The personal data of yours is collected by means of interactive forms operating within the Website. Provision of personal data in connection with your use of the Service is voluntary. Note, however, that the refusal to provide certain data may make it impossible for you to use all or part of Website functionalities.

1.3 DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE processes Users’ personal data primarily for the purpose of proper provision of its dental and other professional services (the “Services”), and also for direct marketing of its own products and services. DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE processes personal data within the following scope: first and last name or company name, phone (mobile, or otherwise) number, email address, URL web address, and any personal information provided voluntarily in your emails.

1.4 DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE enables you to exercise your rights under the Applicable Law, in particular the right of access to your data, the right to request update of the data, and to object to processing if and when so provided. In order to avail themselves of said rights the User may send a message to that end to the following email address:


2. Safety Measures

2.1 The processes of registration and user authentication are supported by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

2.2 Only trained and authorized DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE personnel may have access to your personal data.

2.3 If so mandated by the Applicable Law, DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE shall notify personal data filing systems to registration by the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection (the “Inspector General”). The Inspector General maintains the register of data filing systems (cf. which register is public.


3. Third-Party Processor

3.1 DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE undertakes to provide you with access to current information about the entity contracted by DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE to process your data, scope of transferred data, and date of transfer.

3.2 In the event of non-performance or improper performance of duties referred to in this Section 3, our liability, either in contract or in tort or both, shall not exceed direct losses suffered by the User. DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE shall not be liable for any indirect damages, regardless of their source, except in cases of its own willful misconduct or gross negligence.


4. Disclosure

4.1 The data collected and processed by DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE may be disclosed to third parties in accordance with the principles of this Privacy Policy, and provisions of the Applicable Law, where it has been established that such disclosure is necessary to:

  1. protect the rights of third parties or DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE;
  2. protect public safety, or that of other persons;
  3. prevent or deter activities of an unethical or abusive nature;

or in all other cases required by law, in particular in cases of suspected offense or infringement of intellectual property rights.

4.2 Subject to Clause 4.1, DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE shall not disclose or share your personal information to or with other persons or institutions without your express consent.

4.3 We reserve the right to disclose to entities cooperating with DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE collective general statistical summaries relating to Users.


5. Technical Issues, Data Erasure and Retention

5.1 At the time of your browsing of the Website, our servers automatically collect information sent by your browser and included in log files. The information may include a variety of data, in particular email address, IP address, browser type, internet site you visited immediately prior to accessing our Website, the time of accessing the Website, and other statistics. DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE may use the information for the purposes of conclusion, amendment, termination of a contract with the User if any, and to ensure the highest quality of our services, as well as for technical and statistical purposes.

5.2 As a general rule DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE commits to discontinue processing personal data after you have ceased to use the Service. DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE may continue to process your data after cessation of your use of the Service where the data:

  1. is necessary for the settlement of dues or satisfaction of claims for payment for the use of Services;
  2. is anonymized and necessary for the purposes of (i) advertising, (ii) market research, and (iii) Users’ behavior and preferences studies, and the results of the same are to improve the quality of services provided by DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE, with your consent;
  3. is necessary to clarify the circumstances of unauthorized use of the Service;
  4. may be processed on the basis of particular laws or agreements.

5.3 Where DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE becomes aware or informed that you abuse the Service, DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE may process your personal data to the extent necessary to determine your liability, provided that we record for evidentiary purposes receipt and contents of the information.

5.4 DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE may notify the User of unauthorized activities and demand their immediate cessation, as well as of availing ourselves of the powers referred to in Clauses 5.2 and 5.3.


6. Cookies

6.1 DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE uses text files, called “cookies”. A “cookie” is a small piece of information placed at the request of our server (first-party cookies) on the User’s telecommunications terminal equipment (e.g. computer, smartphone, etc.; “TTE”) during a visit to the Website, the server can read when you return thereto. The use of cookies purports to ensure proper functioning of the Service on the User’s TTE; use of cookies does not change the configuration of the User’s TTE or software installed on such equipment.

6.2 DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE uses the following types of cookies:

  1. session cookies – stored on the your TTE up and until you are on the Website, you disable the browser, or you log out of the Website; and
  2. persistent cookies – stored on your TTE for a specified period of time or until their removal by the User.

6.3 DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE applies the cookies for the purposes of:

  1. smooth navigation on the Website, including by maintaining a User’s session so there is no need to log on each and every webpage;
  2. verification and development of our offer, including by adjusting the content of the Service according to your preferences; and
  3. statistics

6.4 You consent that DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE makes use of external cookies (third-party cookies) that:

  1. display on the Website multimedia content originating from: Google Inc., USA]; Facebook Connect [Facebook Inc., headquartered in the US or Facebook Ireland based in Ireland]; [Twitter Inc., USA]; [administator cookies: Vimeo, LLC. z siedzibą w USA]; [Instagram LLC, z siedzibą w USA].;
  2. collect general and anonymous statistics from analytical tools: Google Analytics [Google Inc., USA];
  3. use or enable interactive features in order to promote the Service by using social networking sites: [Facebook Inc., USA, or Facebook Ireland, Ireland], LinkedIn [LinkedIn Ireland Limited, Ireland], [Twitter Inc., USA] and [Instagram LLC, USA].

6.5 The User can specify conditions of use of cookies through browser settings. In particular, you can disable cookies in your web browser. DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE would like to highlight that prevention or deletion of cookies may hamper or deprive you of enjoyment of the Service.


7. Commercial Information

7.1 DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE reserves the right to send to the Users who have signed up for our newsletter commercial information relating to the activities of DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE, its partners and contractors.

7.2 Each recipient of our newsletter has the right to assert that they do not wish to receive commercial information from DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE by clicking on the link “unsubscribe”.


8. Minors

8.1 This Website is intended for adults only.

8.2 Persons who are under 18 years of age may use our Website with the permission and/or under supervision of their legal representatives. Minors are requested not to disclose to DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE or other Users any information, in particular their personal data.


9. External Links

9.1 This Website contains hyperlinks (for instance, in the form of logos of entities external to DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE) that, if clicked on, redirect Users to external websites. Application of such reference must not be so understood as to imply any kind of association between DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE and the entity to which the external website belongs.

9.2 Neither may DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE be held liable for the consequences of this kind of redirection nor does DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE determine the content of external websites. DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE shall bear no responsibility for the terms and conditions of privacy and security policies in force on those websites, or for cookies used while browsing any such external websites. We encourage Users using this kind of reference to consult the contents of the relevant documents in force on external websites.


10. Final Provisions

10.1 By using our Website you agree to the terms and conditions set out in this Privacy Policy.

10.2 For any questions or concerns regarding the Privacy Policy and use of the Website, please contact DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE at this email address:

10.3 DENTAL TRAVEL SERVICE reserves the right to make changes or additions to this Privacy Policy. Any such changes will be posted on the Website, in the “Privacy Policy” section, and therefore we recommend that the Users frequent our Website and monitor the terms of the Service.

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